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Ecstatic Dance Sebastopol

Ecstatic Dance Sebastopol

Ecstatic Dance Sebastopol -  A free-flowing, bass-filled dance. Express yourself in sacred space where spirit activates, senses expand and creativity abounds!

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

1. Move however you wish (mindful of others)

2. Refrain from speaking on the dance floor

3. Respect yourself and one another 


Ecstatic Dance is a Drug & Alcohol Free Space


Please also refrain from photos, video, and shoes & scents.

Many people dance in their own space, and others share their space with another.

To engage in a dance with someone, use sensitivity: Are they open to sharing their space with me? Mirror movements, offer a hand, brush by, make eye contact, and see & feel how they respond...

If you'd rather not dance with someone, or are ending a dance with someone, simply thank them silently by placing your hands in prayer at your heart. Namaste... Thank You. "My Spirit Recognizes Yours"


Ecstatic Dance is what you make of it...


a freeform movement space where:

dance expands

spirit activates

boredom ceases

creativity breaks out

hope happens

beauty flows

communities collaborate

ritual is reinvented

harmony resonates

the beat deepens as an electronic tapestry of world rhythms weave us together as individuals within a greater family

dancing as manifestations of Light


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1st and 3rd Sundays
Sliding scale: $20-15, under 12- $5 childcare included Annex - Main Room