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Ukulele Workshops

Ukulele Workshops

4 Ukulele Workshops. Add spice to your playing with Fingerpicking techniques, learn to play up the ukulele fretboard, add rhythms or new strumming patterns to your repertoire.

Session fee includes one free 1:1 followup lesson, arrange with instructor. For more info: 477-1356 or Must pay for class in advance, no drop ins or pro-rating.


Session 1- Beginners Next Step
9/7-9/28 Thur
7pm - 8pm
$100/4wks Annex - Music Room
Session 2- Fingerpicking the Ukuele
9/18 - 10/2 Monday
$75/3wks Annex - Music Room
Session 3- Venturing up the Ukulele Neck
10/5-10/19 Thur
$75/ 3wks Annex - Music Room
Session 4- Advanced Beginner
10/26-11/16 Thur
$100/4wks Annex - Music Room