Linda Tillery & The Cultural Heritage Choir

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Friday, January 18, 2013
8pm, Doors @ 7:15
Main Building - Main Hall


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This event has past

Friday, January 18 @ 8pm

 Premium (1st 8 rows, center): $25

General: $23


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The Cultural Heritage Choir is a Grammy © nominated, percussion driven, vocal ensemble whose mission is to help preserve and share the rich musical traditions of African American roots music. Their music is rooted in the deep south and strongly connected to their West African and Caribbean origins. This mission is pursued through academic research, review of historical recordings, documents and video footage and most importantly - live performance. Performing together since 1992, the Cultural Heritage Choir creates dynamic rhythms and sparkling energy on stage. Their vocals are lush and vibrant, their performances are poignant and uplifting. Through stick, song, dance and story, the CHC transports the audience to a place in time when the roots of American popular music, were just being sewn by the "involuntary immigrants" from Africa's western regions. Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir, have become world renowned for their breathtaking performances and commitment to the authenticity of African-American roots music. The groups first collaboration with veteran performers Taj Mahal and Eric Bibb entitled "Shakin' A Tailfeather", was nominated for a Grammy (1997) and their second collaborative effort "Hippity Hop", was awarded a Parents Choice Award (2000). The group's most recent recording entitled "Say Yo' Business", has been nominated for a California Music Award. (2003) Currently, the CHC is: Linda Tillery, Rhonda Benin, Tammi Brown, Elouise Burrell, Bryan Dyer, Rico Pabon and Simon Monserrat.




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