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Jack Tempchin and Ray Bierl

This event has passed.

Jack Tempchin and Ray Bierl

This event has passed.


You may have seen Jack Tempchin’s featured interview in the ‘History of the Eagles’ documentary.  Or you may have heard his name referenced from the stage on the final ‘History of the Eagles’ World Tour by the late great Glenn Frey…

Jack Tempchin is a legendary hit songwriter whose two ​best known ​compositions, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone”, are now synonymous with the Southern California Sound.  

Both songs are on ‘Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975’, awarded *Best-Selling U.S. Album of the 20th Century* by the RIAA. Tempchin has five Eagles contributions total, including “The Girl From Yesterday” from the ‘Hell Freezes Over’ reunion release, plus “It’s Your World Now” and “Somebody”, both on their double disc release, ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’.

RAY BIERL - Singer - Guitarist - Fiddler -

Ray Bierl has been performing music from across the broad American landscape for well on to five decades. He's a musical storyteller who draws on a wide range of genres and styles--cowboy ballads, Appalachian fiddle tunes, vintage rock and roll hits, Tin Pan Alley songs and country classics--delivering a travelogue not just of places, but of time, human emotions, and imagination.

"No one knows how to weave you into a song quite like Ray Bierl." - Tom Waits

"Every song Ray chooses becomes his own, fresh and personal. He's a great storyteller." - Laurie Lewis