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REPORTS TO:  Rental and Events Director

JOB SUMMARY: The Sebastopol Community Cultural Center is available for event rentals year-round. These events are hosted by trained customer service facilitators, Event Hosts. This position is for an Event Host Manager. The Event Host Manager is responsible for the recruiting, training and scheduling Event Hosts. The Event Host Manager also supports the Rental and Events Director with Renter customer service in the contract phase.  

The Rental and Events Director defines what shifts are needed as they are confirmed by the Renter. The Event Host Manager assigns the shifts the Event Hosts based on preferences and experience. The goal is to assign shifts a month out, minimum two weeks. 

The Event Host Manager would continually evaluate new recruits, refer to Rental and Events Director and Executive Director for hiring. 

The Event Host Manager would train new hires (in the form of “shadowing”) and help evaluate current event hosts, to suggest further themes for additional training at training meetings.

Responsibility for HR, worker safety and quarterly training and follow up meetings is ultimately with Executive Director. 

Event Host Manager would meet with potential renters in place of the Rental and Events Director as needed to review Rental Contracts, show the venue or take payments. 

Event Host Manager would also take Event Host shifts as desired/as needed. The Event Host responds to renter needs, ensures compliance with rental requirements during the event, and provides appropriate follow-up reports, written and verbal.  This job requires someone who has strong customer service skills, is an excellent communicator, is able to enforce rules in a kind but effective manner, and is trustworthy, reliable, and motivated to do a good job.

Bilingual English Spanish is required.


  1. Schedule Event Hosts as needed for private rentals and co-sponsored events.
  2. Participate in Event Host training in cooperation with the Executive Director, Rental and Events Director and Facilities Manger
  3. Provide Event Host services for private rentals:
    1. Upon arrival, review rental agreement – the event host is responsible for knowing all provisions and limitations applicable to rentals in general as well as the specific event.
    2. Make note of any SCCC items/equipment/supplies loaned to renter. Certain items are no charge to renter: extension cords, power strips, as needed. Other items, such as sound system, coffee pots, follow light, or the projector, are loaned only with an associated charge and only if pre-arranged (see rental agreement). Remind renter that items must be returned in acceptable condition at close of event, or payment for replacement or repair will be deducted from renter’s deposit. DO NOTloan out items in use in SCCC offices (such as tape dispensers, lamps, water dispenser, etc).
    3. Unlock the rooms to be used and make a general check of the building rented.
    4. Assist groups with set-up.
    5. Maintain an orderly environment for the duration of the event.
    6. Remain available to renters for duration of event.  If assigned exclusively to one building, remain on site at that building for the entire rental. If assigned to multiple buildings, be present and visible at each regularly over the course of the rental period. Regardless of the assignment, make contact with renter(s) at least once each half hour, in an appropriate non-intrusive manner (e.g eye contact at the very least).  
    7. Answer questions and provide any necessary information to the public.
    8. Check restrooms periodically for cleanliness and stock needs.
    9. Check trash receptacles during events and remind renter to dispose of trash; assist as needed. Replace liners.
    10. Work cooperatively with security (private or Sebastopol Police) if required at an event.
    11. Review clean up procedures and assist party with trash disposal, new liners, etc.
    12. Check outside of the buildings for debris left by rental party.
    13. Make sure that all tables are wiped down and returned neatly to racks.
    14. Make sure that all chairs are returned properly to racks.
    15. Shut off all lights and secure the facility before departure.
    16. Complete necessary post-event paperwork.
    17. Complete any additional tasks assigned, as shift permits, including general office tasks, sign making, or other Community Center- related assignments
    18. Provide the Facilities Manager with a written report of any problems or issues.
    19. In the event of an emergency or problem that is beyond your ability to resolve, contact the Police (829-4400).  
  4. Provide Event Host services for SCCC sponsored or co-sponsored events. Perform the same duties as for a private rental, plus the following:
    1. Set up concessions prior to guests arriving: Brew coffee, set up coffee, tea, waters, sodas, beer, wine, cookies, and all related supplies (cups, napkins, stir sticks, honey, cream, sugar, etc).
    2. Clean up concessions after guests have departed.
    3. Keep concessions supplied during event.
    4. Oversee and support volunteers working concessions.
    5. Provide support to event promoter and to artists.
    6. Assist volunteers with other set up and clean up, as needed.
    7. Provide additional support for event as needed or assigned.
  5. Support as needed Rental and Events Director in renter customer service in the contract phase.
  6. Perform other duties as needed or as assigned.


  1. Previous experience with facility management, maintenance, or event hosting helpful.
  2. Ability to lift, push, pull, and move heavy equipment and supplies safely, up to 50 lbs.
  3. Excellent public relations skills.  
  4. Understanding of the need to make all renters and guests feel welcome and supported.
  5. Ability to enforce SCCC rules in a kind but firm manner.
  6. Reliable, and with a positive “can do” attitude.
  7. Ability to establish effective working relationships with others at SCCC.
  8. Organized, self-motivated, quick learner, with an excellent work ethic.
  9. Honest and trustworthy.
  10. Excellent communication skills.  English speaking and writing skills required, for safe and efficient job performance. 
  11. Spanish speaking and writing skills required.

Application Process: Please email your resume to Please indicate Event Host Manager in the subject line of your email.