Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

"Enriching the Spirit of Community!"

Our People

The Community Center Staff

Executive Director - Cordelia Holst
Facility Manager - Roger Sherman
Marketing Director - Rebecca MacKenzie
Rental and Events Director - Teresa Torres 
Activity Coordinator - Alison Petsod Hixson
Front Office Manager - Mary Ann Wheeler
Accounting Manager - Tracy Otsen
Bookkeeper - Cindy Fox
Project Assistant - Ben Rich
Kindergym: Amy Raab 
Parent’s Night Out Facilitators:
Artisan Handyworks - Kate Elvin
Event Hosts - Alex Cano, Ford Frederick, Jim Gannon, Alex Shapiro, Dave Shermer and John Werner
Building Attendants - Junior Cano
Kindergym: Amy Raab 

Board of Directors

President - Jill McLewis
Vice-President - Leah Taylor
Treasurer - Chris Anderegg
Directors - David Turchin, Derek Forman, Kaye Love, and Rick Williams

Advisory Committee

Kim Camp
Nancy Dougherty
Pauline Pellini
Suzanne Wright
Jim Corbett
Raini Sugg
Chris Judson
Jan Kadehman