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What's new with TeensWork

We’ve had full summer of education and exploration at TeensWork! The TeensWork inaugural group was welcomed with open arms to “peek” at the goings-on of many local businesses. Students were able to tour Traditional Medicinals, Harmony Farm Supply, Weeks Drilling and Pump, Mary’s Pizza, Peace in Medicine, and Balletto Vineyards. We had such grand community support that we have set aside some of the community offers for Fall and will be touring Sonoma Bank, Frizelle Enos, Laguna Farm, and Dutton Ranch with a brand new group of TeensWork students. We are truly blessed to live in such a supportive community!

The TeensWork student group has accomplished some amazing things in a remarkably short period of time. Students have signed with local temp agencies, worked catering events, large community events and private parties, as well as having had many opportunities for interviews of all types ranging from open interviews (like a casting-call) to the traditional one-on-one . A TeensWork student has recently been invited on a “ride-along” with a drilling technician at Weeks Drilling and Pump.

In an effort to give back to the community, the TeensWork student team will be helping to prepare a brand new community “tech-lab” that is set to open in January of 2013. Go TeensWork!

Laura Casey
TeensWork Coordinator

cell: 707-321-0478
Mail: PO Box 2028
Sebastopol, CA 95473

TeensWork is a program of the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center.