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New floor sweeps Community Center off its feet

by Amie Windsor Sonoma West Staff Writer


The Sebastopol Community Cultural Center was hard at work Monday afternoon putting in a new wood laminate floor. SCCC employees, volunteers from the center and Greenacre Homes & School worked through the day to lay down pieces of the laminate in the metal prefab building used for everything from quinceañeras to a recent show of wildcats.“It’s a really cool community effort,” said the center’s executive director Diana Rich said of the project.


The floor cost roughly $17,000, which according to Rich, was a “Black Friday sale” that saved the center $8,000. The floor was funded partially by a monastery fund of anonymous community donors as well as a fund from local donors who had originally set aside money for a new community building. When Rich asked if the funds could be reallocated for a new floor, the donors agreed. The removable, sport court flooring comes in individual pieces, allowing for the center to take it out, should the Hacienda Bridge flood like it did in 1986 and 1995.“When the bridge floods, we have 24 hours to move,” Rich said. The Community Center also has two new bathrooms and a new reception area, funded by the city.

“The City Council has been really supportive,” Rich added. Demolition of the old floor was managed by local contractor Wolfgang Dilger, who ground the old floor and took it to a recycler in Santa Rosa. “To think of all that trash going in to the dump!” Rich said, adding that some of the floor was donated to Greenacre Homes & School as well. The Sebastopol Community Center is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located at 390 Morris St.


Pictured Jack Hartley & Michael Emig of SCCC