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2016 Phonathon

Thank you! We've reached our original goal of $15,000. Help us reach our new goal of $16,500!

OUR NEW GOAL: $16,500. RECEIVED: $15,990!

 We Need $510 to Meet our Goal!


Thank you to the 5 challenge grant donors and 79 matching donors who have donated so far during this Spring fundraising effort. The $15,990 we've received is essential for us to continue serving this fabulous West Sonoma County population.

We have 44 who have pledged but not yet sent in donations. Please help us reach our new goal of $16,500, by sending in the $655 you have pledged during our phonathon!

Challenge Grant Donors (THANK YOU for the $5,000 in Challenge Grants!):

  • C.J. & Rick Theis

  • Brian Purcell (Financial Advisor Morgan Stanley) & Jan Kahdeman

  • Jerry & Suzanne Knecht

  • Gabrielle Disario

  • Richard & Trish Power

And of course thank you to Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery (and Leah Taylor and Rick Williams) for the $10 gift cards for all donors of $100 or more!

Our list of 79 matching donors for the 2016 Phonathon! We thank you for the $10,990 you've donated to match our $5000 in challenge grants.

Linda & Paul Aiello,Tara Bailey, James & Valerie Baptista, Kristen Barnes, Sharon Keating & Ron Bartholomew, Chris Bekins, Hediyaeh Bell, Kathryn Benstock, Ruth Bergman, Ellen Blustein, Patricia Bowen, Terry Keady & Jennifer Bowen, June Brashares & Woody Hastings, Gwen Brown, Gale & Phillip Brownell, Bob & Heidi Burke, Rob & Cie Cary, Carol De Bello, Sonya Derian, Blake Everett, Katherine Foster, Miguel Furman, Sunny Galbraith, The Gant Family, Scott Gifford, Heidi Gillen, Derek Forman & Barbara Greytak, Sarah & Dan Gurney, Susie Hagemeister, Heidi Harris, Ann Harris, Kristy Hellum, Bryce Hetler, DDS, Carol Hughes, Chris & Charlie Judson, Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser, Arlene Kallen, Marcia Kreidler, Patricia Lachman, Sally Lambert, Mary & Richard Lemon, Patricia London, Marguerite Longtin, Simon Lowings, Ruth Mankin, Linda Marietta, Paula Martens, Mary Martz, Shelley Maschwitz, Lynn McCool, Richard & Evelyn McDonnell, Ann Nisson, Sheila & Scott O'Brien, Chloe O'gara, Hideko Oga, Margarite Olmos, Susan Panas, Hal Pellini, Pauline Pellini, Rene Peron, Lisa & Steve Pierce, Michael Rinaldini, Bob & Peggy Rogers, Laurie Ross, Carlo Rossi & Florence Danneberg, Kate Schaffner, Steven & Andrea Schmitz, Judith & Ronald Somers, Jack Stuppin, Anne E. Kreymer Sutter, Mary Szecsey, Richard Targow, Steve Tasheff, Ryan Teurfs, Kate and Mac Thompson, Mike & Maria Tinney, Maria Traylor, Edy Ullman & Bruce Gorden, Janet Vail & Stephen Green, plus a wonderful anonymous donor.

To the 44 supporters who pledged but not sent in a donation: PLEASE SEND IN YOUR CONTRIBUTION IF YOU’VE PLEDGED! The confirming mailers have gone out.  We definitely need the cumulative $655 you've promised.  Please don’t delay in sending in your donations:

  1. DONATE ONLINE - Look for the "give now" button
  2. COME BY OUR OFFICES at 390 Morris St - Office hours are: Tue - Fri 10am to 4pm
  3. CALL US at 823-1511 tp pay over the phone with a credit card. Tue - Fri 10am to 4pm
  4. MAIL IN your donation to: SCCC P.O.Box 2028, Sebastopol CA, 95472

Suzanne Ash, Marian & Cesar Bernal, Miriam Block, Robert & Paula Brent, Lisa Bright, Will Brown & Gene Bonino, Jayne & John Burns, Steve & Elizabeth Bursch, Richard Caruso, G Conley, Rocky Daniels & Deborah Trefz, Sam Field, Katherine Fraizer, Ralph & Keiko Furusho,  Andrew, Kathleen, Isa Gilbraith, Larry Harper & Eszter Freeman, Susan Horn, Shelly & Howard Kaamer, Dave Kovner & Becky Kelso, Tasha Krongard, Stephanie Lotane, J Lyons, Rhonda MacRae, Rick Madson, Roberta Goldfarb & Jean Maltby, Robert Mandelstam, David Mark-Raymond, Dan & Celia Marr, Albert & Jan Morgan, Eleni Nicholas, Lauren Ohlsen, Jim Passage, Camelia Patino, Patrice & Donn Paulson, Leslie Perlman, Dale Phillips, Lindsay Richardson, Mark Riess, Paul Schwebel & Laura Shafer, Karilee Shames, Helen Shane, Michael Steinfeld, Kelley Tatum & Greg Troll.

Thank you to all our supporters, past, current, and future. We love West Sonoma County and look forward to continuing to serve your needs.