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Cordelia's Corner

Calling all our singles! 

We’ve been listening to our different groups in town this month to hear how we can support them better, perhaps in new ways that we haven’t tried before. One group who’d really like a hand, are the singles in our community. According to the data - about half of us are single in Sebastopol. According to everyone - it’s hard to meet people! We decided we need to work together as a town to put on our cupid hats and help our singles who are looking for love and companionship to find each other. 

 We are going to start in easy fun ways. First up: Beatles Night, hosted by Mr. Music (all you need is love!) We will have 8 round cocktail tables set up by the bar as a singles section. If you are looking to meet a new companion and see where it leads, hang out in the singles tables section and introduce yourself to your neighbors. 

 We want to encourage a perspective that everyone deserves a chance at love, so when you are mixing and mingling, don’t just think about if the person you are talking to is a match for you, but try to get to know them a little. If your not a match, say - Tell me more about your interests. I’ll try to think if I know a single someone who likes that too…" Be kind to each other, encourage each other, we are in this together! Being respectful and having open communiction is the key to connection. Only ask once for a connection, and respect "no thanks". Look for enthusiastic consent everytime.

 We will make a singles section at most of our upcoming concerts in the main hall that are mix and mingle based shows. Don’t look for them at quiet seated performances. And we’ll let you know on our Facebook and Eblast (sign up here) which show will have our singles section.