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The Folk Art Calendar for Schools and Community

The Junk Art Sculptures of beloved local artists Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent have become a part of the Sebastopol identity. Folks have been commissioning Junk Art to commemorate and celebrate all the special moments, people and memories in their lives, each sculpture has its own story to tell. The biggest collection of sculptures is on Florence Avenue in Sebastopol, and has evolved into a trick or treating destination for a generation of Sebastopol children. These junk art sculptures define Sebastopol and mean home to our town’s children. Follow us on Facebook for short stories to learn how they came to be!

Every year, Patrick, Brigitte and friends make a calendar sharing the Junk Art Collection as a fundraiser for our local schools and community center. Local retailers join the fundraising efforts by selling the calendars to our Junk Art loving community. 

This project is an important fundraiser for local schools and the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. A big thank you to the calendar team: Patrick Amiot, John F. Martin of JFM Digital Imaging,  Gina Strathman Graphic Design, and the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, our sponsors, our retailers and you for buying this calendar and for supporting our Sebastopol Identity.

The Calendar is $15 + Shipping and comes in a cute envelope! Tax will be added if shipped anywhere in California.


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Pacific Market, Screamin Mimi's, Fircrest Market, Copperfields Sebastopol and more soon!

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Twin Hills, Parkside, Apple Blossom, Brookhaven.

Purchase at Sebastopol Community Cultural Center Tues - Fri 10am - 4pm! 

Send a calendar to your friends! We'll do all the work for you! (online purchase is for shipping only)

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Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent live and work in Sebastopol, California. Their junk art and wall reliefs are a collaborative effort of ideas and talents. Jointly conceived; Patrick sculpts and Brigitte paints.

"The whole purpose of my work is to glorify these objects, because they have their own spirit," Amiot enthuses. "When a hubcap has traveled on a truck for millions of miles, and has seen the prairies in the winter and the hot summer asphalt, when it's done traveling with that truck and finds itself in the scrap yard and I find it, I kind of like to use that. This hubcap, or whatever piece of metal, from the day it was manufactured until now, has an important history. And I like to think the spirit of all these things lived incredible lives. If they could talk to you, they could tell amazing stories. That's something I don't want to hide."

Besides being environmentally friendly, Amiot and Laurent's sculptures play an immense part in raising money for community schools. Amiot says he disliked the candy drives used by local schools to generate income. "I resented that the schools were having kids promote a product with no local connections," he explains. "I talked with some friends about 'inventing' something indigenous to the community, and we came up with the idea of a calendar of the sculptures."