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Vote YES on Nov 6

Vote YES on Measures Q and R – NOVEMBER 6th, 2018

MEASURE Q – Sales Tax: The existing measurewas passed by voters in 2012. The already existing half-cent sales tax expires March 31, 2021. “MEASURE Q” on the upcoming November ballot would extend the already existing sales tax indefinitely unless voters choose to repeal it. No increase in sales tax!!

MEASURE R, the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT):This measure offers a chance to increase the city’s transient occupancy tax or TOT from 10 to 12 percent until repealed by voters. A so-called bed tax is charged to visitors who stay overnight in a hotel or rental room.

What does this mean for the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center?

Voting Yes on “MEASURE Q” allows us to keep our beloved classes, concerts and programs which have been a part of our West County community since 1982!

Voting Yes on “MEASURE R - TOT”allows us to improve and expand our classes, concerts and programs. More music, supporting our young families and a teen club are just some of our dreams. Help make our dreams come true and support your local community center by voting YES on November 6 for the above measures, let’s keep our amazing classes, concerts and programs that the West County has come to love so much over the years!


What does this mean for the City of Sebastopol?

Voting Yes on “MEASURE Q” will keep the general funding, approximately 15% of the City’s annual resources, and allows the City of Sebastopol to continue to support programs and services including police, fire, public works, and administration.

Voting Yes on “MEASURE R -TOT will generate approximately $617,000 annually to the City.

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