Board of Directors

Mary Ely

Mary Ely was an figure skater, dancer, and choreographer before she realized that she had to make a living. Now a retired CPA, she spends her time doting on her six grandchildren, raising chickens and selling their eggs, and making artist books, boxes, and jewelry out of paper.

She is passionate about the Community Center and loves working with all the board members. She is ever in awe of the collective creativity of the board and staff that goes into the planning of the various programs, classes, and events for now and for the future.

Maria Ana Bija

Maria Ana Bija is a Boston-born lifelong musician and passionate pursuer of world cultural arts. As a mom of two college-aged daughters who participated in many a class at the SCCC when they were younger, she fulfilled a dream when she began her world folk chorus there, the Bija Children's Choir, in 2007. When not teaching or performing music, she heads to the hiking trails, salsa dance venues, and bountiful farmers' markets to enjoy community and to stock up on the beautiful local produce that inspires her Italian heritage home cooking. 

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