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Qigong, Circle Walking & Tai Chi

Qigong, Circle Walking & Tai Chi

Experience the life-nurturing arts of ancient China, a 5,000 year old Chinese healing system for health, physical fitness, and prevention of disease. Our qigong practices function in many ways: To purify, gather, circulate, store, and transform the Qi. Walking in a circle holding specific arm postures is one of our main practices. These postures open, unblock and energize specific meridian and other energy centers throughout the body. Qigong and circle walking is beneficial for all ages, all health conditions, and even those practicing the martial arts as a way of developing inner strength. Classes are on-going and new students can join us at any time. This is a cell phone free class! 

Michael Rinaldini has come out with a second book titled: A Daoist Practice Journal, Book 2



$10 drop-in; $40 per month Annex - Main Room
10am - 11am
$10 drop-in; $40 per month Annex - Side Rm