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Bird Watching - Birds of Sonoma County

Bird Watching - Birds of Sonoma County

This is an exciting exploration of the tremendous diversity of birds in Sonoma County. The first class will be held at the Sebastopol Community Center for an indoor orientation about the parks we will visit and the birds that we are likely to see. We will then look for birds in the Laguna de Santa Rosa area. All other meetings will meet at the various locations. Please bring many layers of clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, a packed lunch, water, snacks, binoculars (scopes optional and unnecessary for most destinations), and a field guide (book or phone app). We end each class with a group packed picnic lunch and review by making a bid list together of all species seen that day. All Sonoma County Regional Parks have an entrance fee of $7; buying an annual parks pass is recommended.


Lecture/Field Trips
9/17-10/15 Mon
$114/5wks Annex - Music Room