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Sebastopol Strings Academy

Sebastopol Strings Academy

Beginning Cello ​- Group Classes

Learn correct posture for playing the cello, proper left hand position and bow hold. Learn basic theory including note and rest values, bass clef notes. Play scales and simple songs in unison.

Intermediate Cello   

Review proper posture and bow hold, basic note reading. Introduce second  and fourth positions. Play songs in two and three voices.

Music Theory 

Elementary theory including note and rest values, time signatures,  key signatures,

major and minor scales, intervals, and chords

Elementary Piano for string players  ​

Learn the piano keyboard, especially as it relates to your particular instrument.

Play simple songs, study basic theory through the keyboard and apply the information to your string instrument. 

Beginning Cello for Adults

A place where music lovers of all ages can learn to play a string instrument, study music theory
and play in ensembles with like-minded people.

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Beginning Cello
1/9 - 5/8 Tuesday
4pm - 4:55pm
$375/15wks Annex - Side Room
Intermediate Cello
1/9 - 5/8 Tuesday
$400/16wks Annex - Side Room
Beg Cello for Adults
1/9-5/8 Tue
$400/16wks Annex/Music Room