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Gymnastics Basic (6-9) - Fall Session

Gymnastics Basic (6-9) - Fall Session

The fun begins as the jumping, spinning, stretching, strengthening, rolling, swinging, balancing and going upside-down gives every child multiple success based learning experiences. Every gymnastics class begins with a fun-filled and engaging warm-up. This will include movement based stories, body-part-identifying (knees, elbows, ankles, etc.), jumps, turns, stretches, and our special “brain challenges” that help children integrate the different regions of their body using mental challenges that are silly, fun and educational. We then move into a selection of skills on the tumbling mats, specially designed bars and balance beams. The skills are then integrated into obstacle courses or skill stations that keep kids moving, sequencing and developing their skills. Every class closes with our circle time shout of “I DID IT!

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*Note: No Class Oct 10 & 12 and Nov 21 & 23



Session 2 (Wed)
Nov 7 - Dec 19 Wed
$93/6 weeks Main Building - Main Hall
Session 2 (Fri)
Nov 9 - Dec 21 Fri
$93/6 weeks Main Building - Main Hall