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The Art of Peace

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Art of Peace Day
I would like to invite you all to the Art of Peace Day at the Sebastopol Community Center on September 12, from Noon to 7:00pm. This event is being put on as a joint venture between Mr. Music Foundation and the Arts Council of Sonoma County, as part of their Sonoma Arts 2010 program. This event will feature music, painting, dancing, poetry, pottery, photography, Group activities include the Peace Garden dedication, silent meditation, and labyrinth walk.
    Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey will be on hand at the opening ceremonies at noon to speak about the Department of Peace legislation that she is sponsoring in Congress. Lynn Woolsey has been a tireless advocate for peace for many years, so I  encourage those of you who appreciate her efforts to be there to hear her speak.
    Local musicians will provide all day music from bands to singer/songwriters, classical guitarists and MaMuse a female vocal duo from Chico, who sing like angels. The Peace Garden dedication will include Native American blessings, the Earth Elders, and a drum circle with Kim Atkinson.  In the Youth Annex there will be Sufi Dancing, acoustic music, an ongoing peace meditation and ecstatic poetry readings, followed by a Kirtan led by Sahar.     Closing ceremonies will be at 6:00pm with Love Choir singing and final blessings for our community and our world.
The idea of the Art of Peace Day is to provide a place and space for all of us to consider Peace as our individual responsibility and to join with others to build a peace loving community through the arts. More music and art leads to more love and beauty in our community. And as we explore the art in our hearts we can find the deep peace that already exists within.

    I will be there with the Love Choir encouraging you to add your voice to the ever-growing voice of peace that arises when we come together in song and love. Yes, this is a fundraiser for the Mr. Music Foundation to raise money for our school assembly programs that we will be providing to schools this year, but it cost nothing to come and be part of the Art of Peace Day.  If you make a contribution of any size to the Mr. Music Foundation, you will receive a Mr. Music CD, suitable for children and grandparents and all in between. Artists’ works will also be available for purchase.
    Last year we declared Sebastopol, Peacetown, USA, so please come and support the arts, show your thanks to Congresswoman Woolsey, and evoke your own dedication to peace in your hearts and ultimately into the world. You are the Art of Peace, so be a “Part of the Heart and a Piece of the Peace”.

- Jim Corbett, aka Mr. Music