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Joni Mitchell Night - SOLD OUT!

Joni Mitchell Night - SOLD OUT!

  • General Admission ADV: $15.00   SOLD OUT
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A group of like minded musicians who love and respect the work of Joni Mitchell. What started off as a “tribute” to her became more of another way to experience her music through the talents of each musician in this band. The sound you hear is each musician reflecting their personal experience of Joni’s music over the last 40 years. Their interpretation of each song is like a recipe handed down from generation to generation; another seasoning added to make it their own.”

Chris Stafford - Guitar, Ed Castro - Bass, John Christensen - Keys, Brad McKeague - Drums

Allyson Paige has made a name for herself throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as a result of her powerful voice and exceptional ability to deliver table-pounding performances and raw emotional power to any song that she sings. The inherent beauty and soulfulness of her voice lends itself to ALL styles of music. The first business cards she created for herself as a teenager said, "Allyson Paige. I can sing it." Simply stated, truth in advertising. Allyson hails from the Sonoma County wine country north of San Francisco where her roots in classic rock led her talents into a successful career, which has cut across many musical swaths including: classic rock, blues, folk, jazz and country.