Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

"Enriching the Spirit of Community!"

Instructor Kandace Syer

Kandace Syer was born and raised in Michigan, but now calls California home with her four year old son, Calion. Dance comprehension and creative passion revealed itself at a young age. She attended Eugene Lang College in NYC, majoring in Dance and Arts in Context. She endured several knee injuries in her late teenage years which diverted her path from dance performance to movement rehabilitation and healing. In 2012 she began studying somatics at the School for Body-Mind Centering. Her life has been enriched and guided by her movement challenges. Her education a unique blend of formal study and self inquiry. Now 29, she is a certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator and remains a passionate dancer continuing her studies in somatics, contact improvisation, and attends various dance workshops.One of her offerings as a movement instructor is knowledge of optimal development and body awareness to bolster the student and encourage integral, body-mind expression.