Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

"Enriching the Spirit of Community!"

Instructor Suzanne Smith & Cassiopeia Manley

Cassiopeia Skyfish is a sound healing practitioner living in the Coastal Redwood Forest. Her life path is dedicated to healing work. She was raised in the Pacific Northwest, and she discovered sound healing on her personal path. Sound healing was an integral part of her own healing from cancer and her intention is to share this healing work with everyone who needs it .Cassiopeia Hosts three sound healing events weekly and works with clients one on one Cassiopeia trained at the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness. 


Suzanne Renee Smith is a practicing Sound Healer residing in Sebastopol.  Her spiritual and musical path span 40 years.  She studied Sound Healing from World renowned Tom Kenyon as well as 2 of his early students in Europe where she lived for 20 years as a professional singer and musician.  In search of healing from a paralyzed vocal cord she was led to a new medium for her voice and love of music, Sound Healing.  She is dedicated to this transformational work with heart, voice and spirit!

Classes taught by Suzanne Smith & Cassiopeia Manley